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About Us

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Who we are

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Faseel was registered by a ministerial decree at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development as a Non-profit organization under the name of the “Environmental Development Association | Faseel”  license number 1062 on 11/ 10/ 1439 AH


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To enable a thriving and sustainable environmental sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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We innovate a societal approach towards environmental sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through building a knowledge base, raising awareness, building capacity, promoting local and international impactful environmental cooperation

Our Goals

Spreading the culture and values of environmental sustainability

Building capabilities and competencies  

Adopting and developing innovative solutions to the environment and sustainable development

Provide studies and research on environmental sustainability

What we aim to do


Knowledge Base


Impactful Networking


Capacity Building


Raising Awareness

We will build a knowledge and information base to facilitate the delivery of information and measure the impact

We will be an information center for companies, engineers and entrepreneurs interested in environmental aspects to add value to them by harnessing the human resources and information available to us to serve the environment of our country

We will be the bridge linking the private, public and civil sector and civil society to improve relations and communication to work with one vision towards a sustainable environment.

We will undertake voluntary campaigns to clean up and reduce the impact of waste on the environment

We will conduct afforestation campaigns to engage the community in the process of building the infrastructure for the environment

We will support ideas and projects that will have a positive impact on the environment

We will provide workshops in several disciplines to develop skills related towards positive practices towards the environment

We will incubate companies and entities emerging in the environmental sector

We will hold and support conferences and exhibitions on environmental topics & Aspects

We will organize community events to raise awareness of challenges and opportunities related to the environmental sector

We will conduct campaigns to build environmental awareness in the community

Our Values

Team spirit

We believe that innovation is an essential foundation for growth, development and prosperity, and therefore we are keen to provide an environment that stimulates innovation through diversity of disciplines, motivation, training, participation and cooperation among team members and with success partners.

Our goal with our clients is to establish a relationship based on an upward commitment towards achieving results that will generate environmental sustainable growth in the long term.

Ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility for our beneficiaries will be a pillar of our framework to reach our fullest potential and for them to seize our place in these emerging markets.

We work together as an integrated team, and we rely on each other for good support and advice through open communication channels. We always strive to improve our performance through cooperation and sharing of experiences.


We treat each other with respect and confidence and hold ourselves accountable for quality and delivery. We place our full focus on achieving results, technical compliance in risk management, and supporting all partnership efforts to achieve its goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Faseel, we focus on diversity as a value in what we offer, and because the community is diverse, we are keen to ensure justice in the participation of all, diversity and inclusion of both genders and people of determination in our initiatives, projects and work


Integrity governs how we interact with our partners and clients. Integrity for us is to deliver what we promise, through honest and trustworthy behavior that promotes the participation of all parties in achieving the goals of the association.

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