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common questions

What is the meaning of the word "Faseel"?

The word “Faseel” is an undefined plural of the word “seedlings”, in Arabic which is the young plant that arises from the stem near the point from which the roots branch out and is separated and planted to become a new independent plant which symbolizes sustainability for the future.

Is the Environmental Development Association a governmental body?

The Environmental Development Association | Faseel is not a government entity, we are a Saudi licensed non-profit organization, a community-based civil organization that aims to empower all relevant stakeholder in saudi arabia to achieve environmental sustainabilty

How did the Environmental Development Association | Faseel got established?

Based on the spirit of solidarity and community cooperation, Faseel was founded of young men and women interested in serving the community, especially from the aspects of the environmental sector, and to play the societal role in the Kingdom. After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ratified the Paris Convention on Climate Change in 2015, Fasil began as a volunteer team until a ministerial decision was issued to formally establish it as an association. Non-profit under the system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

What does the word association mean (civil, non-profit)?

Non-profit organizations, including NGOs and charitable foundations, are a legal entity that works on the principle of non-profit companies, and these organizations invest their money to achieve financial sustainability and to increase cash flows to reinvest this money to achieve the goals for which they were established. Non-profit organizations differ from profit organizations from Several aspects, the most important of which are:

The net profits are not distributed to specific people, but these funds are reinvested in the goals for which the association was established.

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Non-profit organizations have special governance systems to ensure that donations and grants are spent on the goals for which they were given.

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The reference for charitable and non-profit associations and institutions belongs to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

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What are the rights and privileges that a member gets upon joining the association?

The benefits and rights differ depending on the type of membership , and a working member gets all the benefits of the Faseel community .

How can I join the association?

You can contact us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page. After making sure that you fulfill the conditions mentioned on the terms and types of memberships page. -Link to register under construction-

Does Faseel run training courses?

Faseel holds training and rehabilitative courses for all segments of society for the purpose of capacity building in cooperation with its members and the parties that the association agrees with for the purpose of capacity building, and the association's members have the right to attend.

Can I volunteer for Faseel campaigns?

Yes, there is a field for volunteer work in all areas of the association, and Fasil has a large database of volunteers and we are looking for everyone who loves volunteering because it intersects with two of the pillars of Fasil, namely community linkage and empowerment. You can contact us by filling in the form on the Contact Us page. -Link to register under construction-

Does Faseel support small and emerging projects?

The projects will be dealt with separately, and the decision will be taken by the Board of Directors after conducting internal feasibility studies in the association to determine what the risks and the profitability of the offered projects are.

What are the sources of funding for the Environmental Development Association | Faseel?

Faseel works under the philosophy of non-profit community companies and financial sustainability is one of the pillars of its strategy and the association's revenues are focused on the following sources mentioned:

Affiliation and subscription fees

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Government support

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Grants, gifts and donations approved and accepted by the Board of Directors

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Association activities

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Any other resources that the association accepts and is in accordance with the prevailing regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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