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Afforestation campaign, Huraymila National Reserve
(Alanoud Hiking)


Organizing Entities

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Princess Al Anoud Charitable Foundation

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 Al Anoud Hiking is a volunteering campaign organized by Al Anoud Center for Youth Development (Warf) in collaboration with the Environmental Development Association | Faseel, the campaign consisted of a hiking course at the Huraymila National Park to raise awareness of the importance of health, volunteering, environmental awareness and the problem of desertification.

Event schedule


2019/4/27 AD

Volunteering Course 101 (Warif)

Introducing hiking (Trecs of Arabia)

Lecture environmental awareness and the problem of desertification  (Faseel)

Transportation (Warif)

Reserve afforestation initiative (Faseel)

Hiking Initiative (Trecs of Arabia)

2019/4/28 AD


Huraymila National Reserve

The Huraymila National Park (before it became a reserve) was a green place with local regional plants, settled by the Bedouins of the region, but due to overgrazing and lack of environmental awareness, these trees died and the ecological balance in the region was disturbed until the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made it a reserve subject to protection under the system of reserves, so the land regenerated and returned again due to afforestation efforts. This afforestation campaign will help restore the ecological balance again in the area.



200 local plants were planted

To ensure the growth and sustainability of plants and trees, only local and native species are targeted according to the soil types of the area

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Types of pits that were dug

Water traps are a type of pits that are characterized by the depth of the hole compared to the type of seedlings in which they will be planted. In dry seasons, they are watered once every 4 months because the local plants do not need much water.


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Types of trees that were planted

tree 1.jpg
tree 5.jpg
tree 2.jpg
tree 4 (1).jpg
tree 4.jpg
tree 6.jpg


The main themes of the initiative

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Faseel Bullete Point copy.png


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Environmental Awareness


Health & Fitness

Faseel's contribution 

Faseel gave a lecture to raise environmental awareness.

Faseel provided the environmental guide in the national park.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Faseel provided seedlings and dogged the “water traps” for transplanting.

Faseel led the participants in the afforestation campaign.

Faseel provided seeds to local plants that helps with the grazing

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