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International Day for Forests & Trees

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World Forest Day is held on 21 March Annually, in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests trees for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Faseel's Contributions

Faseel carried out a campaign "A Plant for Every Fingerprint", in which we committed to planting a tree for every fingerprint on the artboard, about 5,000 trees were the be planted.

Faseel gave an educational presentation of the types of local plants and trees that are suitable for cultivation in the environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Faseel organized the awareness content for forests in cooperation with the team of the High Authority for the Development of Riyadh.

Faseel provided organizers and volunteers to prepare the event.

Faseel distributed a number of "seedlings" to the attendees.

Faseel provided the presenters to present the educational content of Wadi Hanifa.

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