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Our Philosophy 


Empowerment: is the pillar of The Environmental Development Association | Faseel, empowerment for us is a process that aims to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organizations to put new options for them and free them from the obstacles and restrictions that prevent them from using their capabilities and enabling them to reach their independence, reliability and sustainability to achieve the tasks they aspire to do efficiently and effectively with the aim of of helping them achieve their full potential  and positive growth within the environment sector.

Green Economy

Green economy: is one of our vision's corner stones, it describes the system of economics related to production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, and it leads to improving human welfare, without exposing future generations to risks or situations of environmental scarcity. The green economy involves separating the use of resources and their impact on the environment, and economic growth, and is characterized by a significant increase in investment in green sectors such as renewable energies and organic agriculture supported by enabling reforms at the policy level, and focuses on rational use of environmental resources and not to exceed the thresholds of ecosystems and their ability to regenerate. Among the most important ingredients for the success of the green economy is the modernization of laws, raising awareness and providing incentives.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Sustainable development: It is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and sustainable development aims to achieve compatibility and complementarity between the environment and development, and is focused on the social, economic and environmental dimensions; it mainly deals with improving the quality of people's lives and health without depleting natural resources And exploiting it above its natural capacity.

It encourages the active participation of local communities in decision-making processes that can help them assert and effectively impose their common interests, and its policies try to develop new technological and economic means and social systems that have the capacity to meet the needs of the present and are self-sustaining for future generations.


Environmental Awareness and Education: we want to create a society with a sound environmental awareness that understands the environmental elements and their components and the relationships between them, and with a knowledge of how to preserve them and organize individual and group behavior in the optimal use of natural resources within the framework of the popular heritage, in awareness and environmental education for all members of Saudi society To improve the state of the environment, reduce loss of life and property, and reduce social and economic pressures on environmental and natural resources, we believe that real development is closely linked to environmental considerations in all aspects of life.

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