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Sejal Faseel

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Organizing Entities

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Civil society

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Public sector


The tertiary sector

Sejal Faseel is a co-owned project between Faseel and The Global Shapers Community (World Economic Forum) that engages youth and environmental enthusiasts with experts, leaders, and decision makers. Each Sejal Edition has a different theme concerning the environment. Sejal Ed1 was about digital transformation, Sejal Ed2 was about the SDGs and NGO contribution.


Sejal is an Arabic word describing a method of reaching answers by engaging in a constructive dialogue


General topics

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Environmental awareness

Discussing the current environmental situation  and finding mechanisms to activate partnerships between stakeholders in the environmental sector


Sustainable Development Goals

Introducing the SDGs and their role in the economy, society and the environment, and presenting some ways to activate youth to achieve them


The role of the third sector

Discussing the economic and societal role played by the third sector according to the Vision 2030 

Meeting interlocutors

Fasail Registry for Sustainable Development

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The role of volunteering in the third sector and the vision

A debate about the role that volunteering plays in the third sector and the search for a mechanism to activate it and harness it for the pivotal initiatives that will have an effective role to reach the vision.

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The role of the third sector in the economy and the sustainable development goals

A debate about the role that the third sector plays in the Saudi economy in particular, and the sustainable development goals in general.

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How to obtain information and statistics to enable the third sector to play its role

A debate about one of the problems facing the third sector, which is the lack of information and limited access to data and statistics needed to develop initiatives and maximize the impact and social return.

Invited Entities


Represented by

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Mr. Othman Mohammed bin Hashem

Adviser to the Undersecretary for the Environment

Member of the General Administration for Awareness and Community Partnership


Represented by

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Princess Haifa bint Abdulaziz Al Muqrin

Assistant Undersecretary for Sustainable Development Affairs

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